“The monetary laws that worked best throughout history have
been based upon the discipline of the precious metals.”
Roy Jastram, 1986

ConstantGold.Com Mission in these Uncertain Economic Times

In these times of virtually exclusive fiat money, centrally planned interest rates and finances, it’s important to look at the big picture. While everything fluctuates, Gold and its precious metal cousins have been the most stable store of value over time. I can’t explain why humans have such an affinity for Gold, but the empirical proof of that crosses almost every culture and time itself.

The index between Oil/Gold or Silver/Gold or even bread/Gold is far more stable than any currency. It’s as if God (or nature) has instilled in us a respect for a common currency. A currency that we disrespect to our peril.

I submit to you that while there will be fluctuations between Gold/Silver/Platinum/oil there will be lows and highs but never zeros. Buying at lows and swapping current highs for current lows is a way to profit while never holding deflating cash.

It is with that in mind that I invite you to read Roy W. Jastram’s writings.